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Our minds are a little bit like our eyes: our eyes see everything except themselves, and if we want to look at our face we need to use a mirror. I think we need to do the same with our mind. We do so many meditation practices, but in my experience the most effective practice in daily life is to always examine or scrutinize one’s own mind, so that one gradually becomes closer and closer to recognition of its nature."

The Gyalwang Karmapa


By Robert Adams 

When I love myself I am obviously,
Loving everyone and everything that exists..

When he was 18 years old he arrived at Tiruvannamalai .
A couple of weeks later there was a German lady who had come to the Ramana Ashram, and apparently she had made a donation of some kind, but she wasn't happy for some reason. She was complaining to Ramana, and he just kept silent. I again asked the interpreter...What does she want? The interpreter said, She wants her donation back. She wants to go home, back to Germany. So she started to argue. Everything was going on in front of Ramana. She started to argue with one of the managers of the Ashram and Ramana just looked. Then Ramana said in English...Give her back her donation and add 50 rupees to it, which they did, and she left. This was his nature. He never saw anything wrong. He never took anyone out of his love. No matter what they did, who they were, where their ego was, he understood. He loved everyone just the same.
I recall, going back to the story of Ramana and the German lady, when he gave her back her donation plus some more rupees, the following afternoon a devotee asked him, Ramana, why did you do that? and Ramana explained..When she gave us a donation, to whom do you think she gave it to? She gave it to herself, for there’s only one self. When she took it back, she took it away from herself. When she goes back to Germany I'm sure she'll have financial problems until she learns that anything you give is only giving to yourself, for there’s not two or three or four selves, there's only one self, and this includes everything you do in your life, the way you look at another person, you're simply seeing yourself.

This is why the only thing I can do for you is to love you, because I love myself and you are myself. When I say I love myself, I am not referring to Robert. When I use the word self I am referring to infinity, to omnipresence. It includes everything in this universe. So when I love myself I am obviously loving everyone and everything that exists. 

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